Hebei Novi Photovoltaic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Email: juliet@novichina.com
Tel.: +86-317-8315559
Fax: +86-317-8311115
Contact Person:Juliet Wong / Richard Su

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Novi Profile

In the heart of China’s prestigious "Foundry town" of Botou, you will find the headquarters of Novi Photovoltaic Equipment Co. It is here that we produce our photovoltaic mounting systems and ground screws that play a vital role in the harnessing of solar power for renewable energy installations. We work extremely hard to provide high quality solutions for the installation and maintenance of PV power stations.

Everything that we do here at Novi is to promote energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact and that extends beyond the scope of use for our products. Our mounts are used as part of systems to generate renewable energy but we also employ environmentally friendly production processes.

We extend a warm welcome for all of our foreign and domestic friends to visit our company and learn more about our products and our business. We believe that together, we can achieve our goal of a better future through solar energy.

Our Workshop

  • Cold roll forming machine
  • Pneumatic punching machine
  • The punching machine with four working positions