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Solar Carport Mounting System

Brief Introduction This system is a great way to add solar PV to carports. It can offer a sheltered place for vehicles. The electricity generated by our solar PV system is very clean, which can be used for electric vehicle charging, lighting and grid connection purposes. The whole system can be constructed without territorial limit. It is extremely flexible and convenient to use. Our solar carports can be customized according to your requirements on site.

Technical Parameters

Application Outdoor
Inclined angle 5-60 degrees
Applicable foundation Concrete, screw pile
Snow pressure 1.4KN/m2
Wind load 60m/s
Solar panel type Framed, unframed
Installing method Horizontal, vertical
Material Q235B steel
Surface treatment Hot dip galvanizing
Galvanized coating thickness 65-80μm
Parts material Al6005-T5 (anodized) aluminum alloy
SUS304 stainless steel
Color Natural silver white
Industry standard AS/NZS 1170
DIN 1055
IBC 2009
CBC 2010
JIS C 8955:2011
Lifespan 10 years
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