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Ground Screw

Ground screws are some of our most popular products. Acting as ground anchors, we have six categories to choose from: ground screw with three nuts, ground screw with flange, ground screw with double helix, ground screw with U-bracket, ground screw with triangular flange and adjustable ground screw.

    1. Ground Screw with Three Nuts These ground screws are a significant breakthrough in the industry as they make installation easy and convenient, cutting construction time and effort by a noticeable amount. Inquiry Form
    1. Ground Screw with U-Bracket These screws are as easy to install as our other ground anchors, but they feature a U-bracket on top that allows for simplified construction of solar power stations, fences, billboards and other structures. The easy installation saves both time and labor by removing the digging and cement grouting steps. Inquiry Form
  • Ground Screw
  • Ground screws for house
  • Ground screws for park fence
  • Ground screws for flagpole
  • Solar photovoltaic instruments
  • Ground screws for parking shed

Package and delivery

The display of various ground screws

Application: Base connector, fixed fencing and portable dwelling installation
Material: Q235B
Manufacturing technique: Forming and welding
Surface processing technique: Hot galvanizing
Specifications: can be designed according to your drawings