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Ground Screw with Double Helix

Technical Parameters of Double-helix Ground Screw Model: NVDS-76
Material: Q235
Surface processing: Hot galvanizing
Length: 1.6m 1.8m 2.0m 2.5m
External diameter: 76mm
Wall thickness: 3.0mm 3.25mm 3.5mm 3.75mm 4.0mm
Connector: 3*M16 screws
Helix diameter: 156mm 176mm 196mm 236mm 250mm
Helix thickness: 3.0mm----6.0mm
Package: Iron plate, shrinkable wrap
Application range: Beach, desert, solar power stations, fences, cabins, billboards and flagpoles.

Important Advantages of Our Ground Screw with Double Helix The double helix ground screw does not require digging and cement grouting during installation. The screw can be driven into the ground directly, where it will hold strong until it is dug out. This type of ground anchor is noted for its energy saving installation and recyclable nature.

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